M&N Watertite Roofing, LLC

We would like to give an estimate on your roof and show you our various samples of the steel roofing. The Stone Coated Metal Roof is installed using a batten system and can be installed over your existing roof as long as the amount of layers on your roof are within your city code.

The Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof

The Gerard Stone coated Steel Roof is the last roof you will ever buy!

The Gerard stone Coated Steel Roof offers:

* Lifetime Warranty * 120 m.p.h. Wind Warranty * 2.5 inch Hailstone Warranty * Class 4 Impact Resistant (may lower insurance rates) * Class 'A' Fire Rating

Athough initial costs of installing a Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof may be more then other roofing types, with the lifetime warranty, the homeowner can save significantly because with the lifetime warranty it will be the last roof you will ever buy. Not only will it add beauty and resale value to your home some insurance companies in many states will lower your homeowners insurance premiums by as much as 35%. To learn more about the Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof please follow our link above.

Metro Roof Products

Metro roof products offers 4 unique profiles that range from the deep wood grain of the Metro Shake,the graceful curves of the Metro Tile, the timeless beauty of the Metro Roman Tile and the sleek low-profile finish of the Metro Shingle, all in a Stone Coated Steel roofing system. All of these will create a strong, weather-tight, environmental friendly metal roof system that will virtually protect and beautify any property.

To Learn more about the Metro Roof Products please follow our link above.

Berridge Products


Berridge offers watertightness warranties on approved berridge roof assemblies. Berridge watertightness warranties are issued upon successful completion of the following requirements:

* Submission & acceptance of Watertightness warranty Application * Approval of Installer Roof Installation Details * Inspection & Approval of Roof Installation * Payment in full of all material invoices


In addition to those roof panels which may be site-formed in continuous lengths, Berridge has the industry's widest selection of factory-produced standing seam, batten seam, Bermuda, simulated tile and shingle. To learn about Berridge products please follow our link above.

Metal Roof Systems of Kansas

MRSK offers custom metal roof packages for your business or home.MRSK sells some of the most recognized metal roof products in the country, which include choice of copper,painted steel and aluminum.They can withstand the forces of nature,including,hail,rain,snow,fire and wind while adding protection and peace of mind while enhancing the appearance of your business or home. They are durable, fast to install and virtually maintenance free.

Please follow our link above to learn more about MRSK products.

Malarkey Roofing Products

The Malarkey Roofing products offers a complete line of traditional and laminated residential roofing materials.Malarkey offers:

* 50 Year Limited Product Warranty * 110 m.p.h. Limited Wind Warranty * Your Choice Warranty Program * 10-Year Right Start Warranty * Class 'A' Fire Rating * SBS "Rubber" Modified Asphalt * Extreme Weather Application Ease * 3m Granules for UV Protection and long lasting color * available featuring Scotchgard Algae Resistant Roofing System from 3m with 20-Year Limited Algae Resistance Warranty * Class 4 Impact Resistant (may lower insurance rates) * equipped with THE ZONE

Malarkey also has commercial roofing materials available.

To learn about what Malarkey Roofing Products have to offer please follow our links above.


Tamko has manufactured a full line of quality roofing products for over 60 years. Today,their dedication to roofing and relentless quality improvement continues to make their shingles the finest available. Regardless of size, shape, color or material, TAMKO shingles are proven strong and are always an attractive addition to your home or business.

Tamko offers a line of shingles which include:


Made from innovative composite materials which are robust,fire resistant and enduring that offer the natural beauty of real slate with the performance of laramite.


Offers the natural beauty of wood without the safety concerns of real wood.


Recognized throughout the industry for quality and performance.


With styles like slate wood and tile, and a full array of colors including a cool color selection, it is recognized throughout the industry for quality and performance.


Shingles are standard sized fiberglass shingles offering a wide variety of colors to compliment the exterior design of any home or business.

To learn more about the TAMKO line please follow our link above.

Products/Services: Standing Seam

A standing seam roof is a metal roof with small seams that stand above the flat, level surface. It looks much different than the corrugated roofs seen on barns and large industrial buildings. It has much more refined appearance and it tops any residence without looking out of place.

There are many advantages to a standing seam roof; durability, lighter weight, low cost and energy efficiency are just a few. Standing seam roofs are especially durable. They can last up to 50 years. Metal roofs are known for their durability. If you live in areas known for extreme weather there isn't a better roofing option. In fact, there are even standing seam roofs available in a distressed finish. People who live in areas with frequent hail storms prefer this finish.